We support young people and persons with a disability to be part of the community, empowering them in leading rewarding lives.


MADEC is a not for profit, community organisation. Recognised as a Public Benevolent Institution since 2014, we have been providing disability and youth supports in the Mackay/Whitsunday region since 1973. We are a registered National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) Provider in Mackay. 

We view our community as a whole, inclusive of individuals and groups of all ages and abilities 

Our Vision is to create an inclusive community that empowers, supports and respects all individuals.

Our Mission is to empower and support people to do their best!

Our Values are: 

  • Person-Centred – The needs and rights of people is at the centre of everything we do.
  • Trust – We build trust through honesty, respect and by following through on our commitments.
  • Empowerment – We are here to empower people to develop life skills, have a voice and be heard.‍
  • Community – We believe that the best results occur when we work together to support all individuals.
  • ‍Excellence – We strive for continuous improvement and are committed to going above and beyond in our service.
Two smiling men have their arms around each others shoulders.


As a leading provider of disability supports, we are chosen to provide support because we bring high quality service and care, ensuring you reach your goals in a comfortable and caring environment.

By upholding and championing young people and persons with a disability in our community, we are supporting their capacity and empowerment in leading rewarding lives.


With unequalled Community spirit, MADEC has fifty years of experience supplying meaningful supports to Mackay and the Whitsundays. Community is a cornerstone of our organisation.


Our values are Person-Centred, Trust, Empowerment, Community, and Excellence. Our shared values, vision, and mission bind us in creating a whole organisation.


Our high-performing team embraces change and challenges the status quo. By sharing knowledge and valuing differences; we shine as individuals and excel as a team.

Our Senior Leadership Team

A woman with blonde hair smiles at the camera. She is wearing a shirt with the MADEC logo embroidered.

Jasmine Lowry

Chief Executive Officer

Meet Jaz, our fearless leader, who makes sure MADEC is the best possible organisation it can be by formulating and implementing the strategic plan guiding the direction of the organisation.

Photograph of a woman with blonde hair wearing glasses.

Anne McNamee

Finance Controller

Meet Anne, who oversees our finances, budgets and forecasting to ensure MADEC is a sustainable and compliant organisation.

A woman with short ginger hair smiling.

Karen Low

People & Culture Manager

Meet Karen, who designs, develops, and implements strategies for recruitment, drafts HR policies, and monitors employee performance.

A bald man with a beard smiling.

Mark Lasater

Strategic Quality Manager

Meet Mark, whose role it is to ensure that the provision of MADEC services is best practice and complies with regulatory, legislative, and industry standards.

A young woman with brunette hair wearing glasses, smiling.

Keely Shepherd

Youth Services Manager

Meet Keely, who operates and oversees the day to day running of residential youth programs. Keely ensures the young people receive trauma-informed care from their team of youth workers which meets the Standards of Care and MADEC policies and procedures.

A woman with brunette wavy hair smiling., She wears a shirt with the MADEC logo embroidered on it.

Vanessa Prevett

Disability Services Manager

Meet Vanessa, who provides support and guidance to Coordinators and frontline workers to ensure continuity, consistency and quality of services.

Our Board

Stephen Fernando

Stephen Fernando



Patrick Wilsmore

Deputy Chair

Joel Rauer


Brooke Morvinson

Brooke Morvinson


Bill Yeates


People on a stage during a 1973 opening presentation


MADEC was born of a community need for assistance and support, and this legacy runs through and true today.

MADEC initially started as a pioneering resource centre for Teachers of the Mackay and surrounding region. Over the years MADEC proved itself adaptable and flexible by responding to changing community needs.

Transitioning from a Teacher and training focus, to a youth and disability service required MADEC to be agile and forward thinking, a strength that has served us to this day.

As of 2014, MADEC has been recognised as a Public Benevolent Institution (PBI). A PBI is a charity whose main purpose is to relieve poverty, sickness, suffering or disability. It is the highest level of charitable goodness.

The frame of the John E Smith Home during the building process
The John E Smith Respite Home

Today, we support young people and persons with a disability to be part of the community and empower them to lead rewarding lives. If you’re interested in the NDIS Mackay, get in touch!

The privilege of evolving to meet community needs means we look a little different to when we started. MADEC has survived and thrived with 50 years of community involvement and support behind us. This support is invaluable to us, and we stand proud knowing the generosity and belief backing us from past, present, and future.

We now look forward to evolution again, having commenced work on a charitable housing project, benefitting many community members requiring affordable and accessible housing.

Commissioned by MADEC, this beautiful painting is by talented aboriginal artist Gordon Lister, 2023.

“The intent of the painting is to reflect the MADEC image of being Safe, Secure, and Local. By incorporating the MADEC logo into my traditional Aboriginal art designs I hope to tell the story of MADEC’s vision of an inclusive community that is empowered, supported, and respected.”