Since 2001, MADEC has worked closely with Federal and State Departments and the regional youth sector, giving assistance and support for young persons who are vulnerable, have complex needs, and are at risk.


MADEC’s youth programs provide a range of individual, holistic support, assisting young people to work through barriers they may be facing, with an overarching aim of diverting young people away from circumstances placing them at risk.

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The YESS Program is a free, voluntary support service for young people ages between 8-21 who are located within the Mackay and Whitsunday Regions (including Sarina, Pioneer Valley, Bowen, and Collinsville). We connect with organisations and services, providing up-to-date information and referral pathways for young people. ...

The Youth Empowerment and Support Service offers a flexible approach of support designed to meet the needs of the individual by giving:

  • Confidential support and assistance
  • Person centred, strengths-based focus
  • Non-intrusive, respectful approach of support
  • Encourage and support, cultural connections
  • Flexible, individual, responsive, collaborative, case management process
  • Provide opportunities for Young People and with consent, include their family and significant others to take part in decision making
  • Facilitate cross-agency referral and maintain inter-agency links
  • Share/exchange information between services with consent
  • Encourage accountable, efficient service delivery, in the aim of moving toward positive outcomes for young people and their families
  • Assistance and encouragement for personal development and empowerment
  • Individual support and referrals
  • Help with transition to high school or adulthood
  • Access housing and Centrelink.

Our individual and holistic services are aimed at overcoming current barriers and encouraging personal development. Ultimately, we want our youths becoming self-sufficient adults with healthy relationships. We help achieve this by providing quality supports and opportunities allowing youth to go beyond their present circumstances.


Residential care is a living arrangement for children and young people who are unable to live in their family home.

MADEC utilises the Hope and Healing framework and therapeutic crisis intervention to create a nurturing environment that supports young people who have experienced trauma.

MADEC is committed to supporting young people to connect with kin and culture, feel safe and secure, and build life skills to transition to adulthood.

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Do you know someone who could benefit from our Youth Services?

We accept referrals from other agencies, services, organisations, and schools. Young people, families and friends can also self-refer.


As a leading provider of disability supports, we are chosen to provide support because we bring high quality service and care, ensuring you reach your goals in a comfortable and caring environment.

By upholding and championing young people and persons with a disability in our community, we are supporting their capacity and empowerment in leading rewarding lives.


With unequalled Community spirit, MADEC has fifty years of experience supplying meaningful supports to Mackay and the Whitsundays. Community is a cornerstone of our organisation.


Our values are Person-Centred, Trust, Empowerment, Community, and Excellence. Our shared values, vision, and mission bind us in creating a whole organisation.


Our high-performing team embraces change and challenges the status quo. By sharing knowledge and valuing differences; we shine as individuals and excel as a team.