Live your best life, on your own terms.

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Supported Independent Living, or SIL, is an exciting and long-term living arrangement, helping individuals become more independent, make new friends, and have control in their lives.

The NDIS program for SIL aids persons with a disability by providing support services such as housing, personal care, therapies, and transportation. The goal of SIL is for people to live as independently as possible, helping to build skills.

SIL support services is offered to any persons who qualify through the NDIS, whether they be sharing a home with other NDIS Mackay participants or living in their own home. SIL support is always tailored to each participant, and their individual goals.


Step 1

Confirm eligibility

Step 2

Discuss your needs

Step 3

Access your supports

Step 4

Get in touch with the team

Step 5

Set personalised goals

Step 6

Start achieving your goals


MADEC is a leading provider of Support Independent Living (SIL) in the Mackay Region and offers over 12 dwellings that are designated SIL accommodation houses, including purpose-built properties for disability needs and services.

We can help you apply for SIL funding through the NDIS, as well as helping with transition planning – including temporary overnight stays. Whenever possible, we make the process easier and more seamless for you or your loved one.

MADEC is a person-centred provider, putting our client’s needs and wants first whenever possible. This means we take a personalised approach, allowing us to design a SIL support package specifically for you.

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Feel safe and secure in your home

Develop personal independence

Increase participation in activities

Find compatible housemates

Take control of your own choices

Improve your housekeeping skills

Learn new skills

Create a forever home


As a leading provider of disability supports, we are chosen to provide support because we bring high quality service and care, ensuring you reach your goals in a comfortable and caring environment.

By upholding and championing young people and persons with a disability in our community, we are supporting their capacity and empowerment in leading rewarding lives.


With unequalled Community spirit, MADEC has fifty years of experience supplying meaningful supports to Mackay and the Whitsundays. Community is a cornerstone of our organisation.


Our values are Person-Centred, Trust, Empowerment, Community, and Excellence. Our shared values, vision, and mission bind us in creating a whole organisation.


Our high-performing team embraces change and challenges the status quo. By sharing knowledge and valuing differences; we shine as individuals and excel as a team.


SIL was created to help people live as independently as possible, and to help build skills. It can include help or supervision with daily tasks, like personal care or cooking. It’s support to help you live in your home.

Persons with a disability who have higher support or more complex needs. If you need help throughout the day 7 days a week, or at night, this is the service for you.

You might decide to share housing and supports with other participants, in a share house specifically designed for persons with a disability, alone, or with people who are not participants. There are many personalized options available.

You will need to talk to the NDIS and have SIL added to your plan. Once SIL is in your plan, you can choose which provider you want to deliver the support. You also will receive funding for a support coordinator at the same time.

SIL can help you live as independently as possible, building your skills. It also can help you make new friends, have choice and control, feel safe and secure, enjoy freedom, and be confident that you have the support you need when you need it.

If it meets your NDIS funding criteria, Supported Independent Living may include:

  • help with personal care tasks
  • help to build your skills in things like meal preparation and cooking, cleaning, and developing a routine
  • help to action any behaviour support plans you have
  • help to develop your social skills
  • support with supervision, personal safety and security
  • support to give you your medication
  • support for medical appointments
  • community access that is not routine or regular, for example, support to complete personal tasks
  • support to get to and from community access activities, where this is your preference. For example, support to attend hydrotherapy sessions, or to visit family or friends outside of the home.


Contact the MADEC team to discuss vacancies in our SIL homes.

Unfortunately we cannot provide accommodation for you if you’re not registered with the NDIS.


 Interested in speaking to the team about Supported Independent Living at MADEC? Get in touch today.