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If a person with a disability needs access to a home outside their place of residence because their usual support network is unable to provide services for a period of time, Short-Term (STA), Medium-Term (MTA), or respite accommodation can be an option to meet their needs.

STA/Respite care is usually planned, however emergency temporary care can be provided in certain circumstances.

The use of short-term accommodation has several key benefits for participants, such as meeting new people, experiencing a new routine, learning new skills, increasing confidence, and building independence.

MADEC will support you and your carer for periods of time when such short-term or respite accommodation is needed.

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Step 1

Confirm eligibility

Step 2

Discuss your needs

Step 3

Access your supports

Step 4

Get in touch with the team

Step 5

Set personalised goals

Step 6

Start achieving your goals

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MADEC is a leading provider of short-term (respite) accommodation in the Mackay region. We have a variety of accommodation, dependent on your situation. From single occupancy spaces, to shared homes, MADEC has dwellings accessible for STA, MTA, SIL and respite needs. Accommodation can be available for a few hours, a few days, or for as long as 90 days.

Respite care is often planned; however, it is also available in emergencies or unexpected situations.

The MADEC team is experienced, capable, empathetic, always using a person-centered approach, meaning they will put the participants’ needs first and foremost in every decision made.

Whatever your goals for your stay, whether it be connection, community, independence, or skill development, the MADEC team will work with you to achieve them. The MADEC team will also help you with the NDIS process of applying for short-term accommodation or respite care funding.

Reach out to our skilled and friendly team to discuss all kinds of NDIS Mackay accommodation needs, we are happy to help.


As a leading provider of disability supports, we are chosen to provide support because we bring high quality service and care, ensuring you reach your goals in a comfortable and caring environment.

By upholding and championing young people and persons with a disability in our community, we are supporting their capacity and empowerment in leading rewarding lives.


With unequalled Community spirit, MADEC has fifty years of experience supplying meaningful supports to Mackay and the Whitsundays. Community is a cornerstone of our organisation.


Our values are Person-Centred, Trust, Empowerment, Community, and Excellence. Our shared values, vision, and mission bind us in creating a whole organisation.


Our high-performing team embraces change and challenges the status quo. By sharing knowledge and valuing differences; we shine as individuals and excel as a team.


The NDIS offers funding for short term accommodation (STA), including respite. The funding covers the cost of care at a location other than your home for a period of up to 14 days for respite, and longer for STA. This can include accommodation that has other people sharing the space, or by yourself.

You might choose to use short term accommodation or respite when your usual carers aren’t available, or maybe you’d just like to try something new, or would like to make new friends.

Yes, you can. Additional funding can also be used. Talk to your support coordinator about your options.

It includes personal care, accommodation, food, and activities that you agree to

The NDIS may provide funding for medium term accommodation, depending on your support needs. MADEC also offers supported independent living accommodation, please talk to your support coordinator about your options.

No, short term accommodation is not for holidays. The NDIS only funds Short-term accommodation when it relates to your disability.


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