Our Community

MADEC Community Services are focused on developing our Community by developing an individual’s skills for life and assisting them in actively participating in our community.

This may include individual or group training in specific life skills, work readiness programs, assistance and support in the workplace, accommodation and tenancy supports, training for independence in travel and transport, and building capacity and independence in personal and household management and finances.

Other ways we assist is by providing our customers with a specialised transport fleet, and assistance with travel and transport arrangements.

MADEC is committed to continuing to develop people and our community through innovative programs.

  • Home care
  • Community access
  • Personal development
  • Specialised recreational activities
  • Holiday programs
  • Community networks
  • Developing skills for life
  • Youth empowerment and supports
WINNER! 2015 Inclusive Community Champions Award for Excellence in Innovation

Sponsored by Spinal Life Australia, Mackay’s Inclusive Community Champions began in 2010 to publicly acknowledge and showcase Queensland’s most inclusive communities. An inclusive community is one in which everyone can participate and be a customer. MADEC received the 2015 Award for Excellence in Innovation.

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