MADEC has always offered our clients flexible service delivery that meets individual requirements through a range of programs.

  • Post Schools Program
  • Community Access Program
  • Accommodation Support
  • DASP (Daytime Attendant Support Program)
  • NAC (Night-time Attendant Care)
  • John E. Smith and Dalrymple Homes
  • In Home Respite Services
  • Flexible Respite Services
  • MAKO Learning, life skills and activities.

Our services have always been developed to maximize the choice of our clients, and we do this through the provision of;

  • Individual lifestyle planning
  • Personal support co-ordination
  • Flexible, 24 hour services
  • Choice of individualised or group based services.

We pride ourselves on being the local specialist in enhancing independence, and we look forward to continuing this under the National Disability Insurance Scheme.


NDIS- New names for the same great services!

The National Disability Insurance Scheme roll-out started in Mackay on 1 November 2016, and most eligible people will now have their plan. MADEC is a Registered Provider of the following NDIS  supports.

  • Assistance to access and maintain employment
  • Assistance with daily personal activities
  • Assistance with daily life tasks in a group or shared living arrangement
  • Participation in community, social and civic activities
  • Managing life stages, transitions and supports
  • Development of daily living and life skills
  • Accommodation and Tenancy Assistance
  • Assistance with travel/transport arrangements
  • Assistance with Short term living arrangements
  • Support Co-ordination
  • Plan Management

CLICK HERE to request the latest information on our NDIS Registration and Provider of Supports information.

Current Services

Post School Support and Community Access programs

The hours and detail of supports are based on the individual’s needs and funding allocations. These services are offered from Monday – Friday, not including public holidays. Packages may include but are not limited to assistance with daily living skills and vocational placement.

Individuals and relevant stakeholders identify needs that are documented on Individual Lifestyle Plans and may include such things as: attending appointments, assisting with banking/shopping, access recreational or leisure activities and network for inclusion in the community.

UNDER NDIS, you will be able to access these services through Community Participation, Access/Maintain Employment, and Daily Living/Life Skills.

Accommodation Support

Accommodation support is designed to assist individuals with maintaining the regular requirements and routines of their daily lives within the home environment. Accommodation supports are designed and based on individual needs and individual funding allocations.NAC (Night-time Attendant Care)

NAC is a night-time care service targeting people with a disability under the age of 65.  The serivce operates from 7.30pm – 12am and is offered 365 days for 52 weeks of the year.  It enhances individuals’ lives through providing a ‘tuck in service’ to those who require assistance to go to bed after the regular hours of their other supports.

UNDER NDIS, these two services will be accessed under Assist Personal Activities and Assist Daily Life Tasks.
In Home Respite Services

In home respite support can be provided in the individual’s home, and provides full time assistance with daily and/or overnight requirements and routines are maintained as suited to their individual needs.

Flexible Respite Services

Flexible respite usually occurs outside the individual’s home and is focused on providing supports to access individual activities for short periods of time, as and when required. This service can be provided during the day, overnight or just for a few hours as needed.

John E. Smith Respite Home

This service was named after John E. Smith, a local identity who became one of Australia’s leading mouth and foot artists due to his own personal perseverance and fortitude. John’s life was an inspiration to everyone. This home now provides short-term supported accommodation options for individuals of all ages.

David and Irie Dalrymple Home

David and Irie Dalrymple Home is a shared living environment where individuals over 18 can live while receiving assistance with daily life tasks . It offers a great opportunity for those people wishing to build their independence out of home.

UNDER NDIS, respite services are now referred to as Assistance with Short Term Living Arrangements, Assist with Personal Activities and Assist Daily Life Tasks.