MADEC Who We Are

Since 1973, Mackay & District Education Centre (MADEC) has been successful in securing Federal, State and Local Government funding for the expansion of community-based services and training. Traditionally, a strong partnership existed with the education community in the region.

In recent years, MADEC has forged healthy relationships with the education and training sectors, community groups, disability and youth services and various government departments. These partnerships strengthen our community's ability to access new projects and funding, which promotes MADEC as a preferred centre of excellence in project management, training, disability, youth participation and resources.

The mid 1990s provided an opportunity for MADEC to develop its own identity as an independent community business. Through initiatives driven by past and present Directors and CEOs, MADEC became a Registered Training Organisation and a Disability Support Provider while maintaining the resource centre and professional development activities. In 2003, these services further expanded into youth support programs.

MADEC has changed from relying on governement funding, to become a successful business by establishing partnerships, reaching beyond its traditions and introducing innovative programs to meet the needs of the community and the changes at all levels of governement. It is through this hard work performed by all staff and the Board that MADEC have been able to move to new premises in the CBD. The new premises cater for all people and can accommodate the range of programs that MADEC now offers.

MADEC consists of three service areas. These service areas provide specific programs for their target areas, but also work collaboratively to ensure the quality of the service responds to all the individual needs and circumstances of our whole community.

These service areas are:

Services are offered on a fee-for-service basis or through State and Federal Government funded initiatives.

MADEC view the community as a whole, inclusive of indivuduals and groups of all ages and abilities, as well as all sectors including education, disability, youth training, multi-cultural, government and business.

In 2008 Mackay & District Education Centre changed their name to MADEC Ltd with no meaning, indicating the new chapter of the organisation.

MADEC Ltd moved to their new premise at 15 Peel Street in August 2010.